January 10th, 2004



Меня все спрашивают, как я к нему отношусь.

А я к нему отлично отношусь. Он такой прикольный, что даже непонятно, как к нему еще относиться.

Скачал вчера себе с "Милитеры" две его книжки на английском: про ГРУ и спецназ.

Ликвидация боязни крови:

"Later in the programme come half-joking exercises such as: catch a pregnant cat, open its belly with a razor blade and count how many kittens it has. This is not such an easy exercise as might appear at first. The soldier has no gloves, the cat scratches and he has no one to help him. As an instrument he is allowed to use only a blunt, broken razor blade or razor, and he can easily cut his own fingers. "

Насчет допроса пленных:

"It may be claimed that not every prisoner will agree to answer the questions put to him, or that some prisoners will answer the questions put by spetsnaz but give wrong answers and lead their interrogators astray. To which my reply is categorical. Everybody answers questions from spetsnaz. There are no exceptions. I have been asked how long a very strong person can hold out against questioning by spetsnaz, without replying to questions. The answer is: one second. If you don't believe this, just try the following experiment. Get one of your friends who considers himself a strong character to write on a piece of paper a number known only to himself and seal the paper in an envelope. Then tie your friend to a post or a tree and ask him what number he wrote on the paper. If he refuses to answer, file his teeth down with a big file and count the time. Having received the answer, open the envelope and check that he has given you the number written on the paper. I guarantee the answer will be correct."

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Что касается игр... Итак, игры, превью и рецензии на которые вы можете прочитать в этом блоге. Сразу говорю, что отдаю предпочтение низкобюджетным инди-проектам, многие из которых находятся в раннем доступе. В принципе, могу написать и про какой-нибудь ААА-тайтл, но это если очень уж сильно…