Hornet (a_lamtyugov) wrote,

Отличная песня...

...Американского вертолетчика во Вьетнаме. Называется The Test и поется на мотив Big Iron авторства Марти Роббинса. (Надо сказать, что оригинал тоже неплох, хоть я и не большой поклонник кантри).

To the flight line here in Saigon, a new pilot came one day
He didn't talk to folks around him, didn't have too much to say
Did he dare to ask a question, did he dare to make a slip
For he knew that for the first time he had weapons on his ship,
Weapons on his ship

Now it was early in the morning and the crew chief wore a frown
He didn't know if this new replacement could get his chopper off the ground
He knew this was deadly business, and there couldn't be a slip
And he knew a fledgling pilot could bring trouble to his ship,
Trouble to his ship

Soon this pilot learned his lesson, while flying all around
He received his first baptism from the VC on the ground
Many rounds came through the cockpit, and they struck the rotor head
And he looked around behind him thinking everyone was dead,
Everyone was dead

He could see the gunner shooting, he could hear the crewchief shout
I can see them bastards running, god, that marking smoke is out
Before the Viet Cong reached cover, his bullets fairly ripped
And the wingman's aim was deadly, with the weapons on his ship,
Weapons on his ship

There was a hundred yards between them when he made his second pass.
He could hear machineguns chatter, he could feel the rockets blast.
He could see the rice fields burning and the gun smoke he could smell
The fire he saw around him made him whisper holy hell
Whisper holy hell

It was over in a moment, there was silence all around
And the bodies of the VC lie before him on the ground
He'd survived his first encounter, and just like all the rest
Now he was a combat pilot who had passed the crucial test,
passed the crucial test

The test, the test, now he was a combat pilot who had passed the crucial test,
passed the crucial test

Хорошая вертолетная песня. Полковник Джерри Чайлдерс указывает и автора ее слов -- лейтенанта Боба Мэтлика. Однако НАРОД решил, что песня вышла недостаточно вьетнамской и написал продолжение.

He's survived his first encounter, but you haven't heard the rest
He just shot up 60 ARVN who were on a training test,
on a training test

So the moral of this story is while flying all around
And you think you're getting fire from the VC on the ground
And they call you and they tell you to make a firing pass
Just tell your fearless leader, he can jam it up his ass.
Jam it up his ass

Ну вот теперь все в порядке.

Угадайте, была ли эта запись дублирована в сообществе vietnamwar_ru?

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