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Let's Use Helicopter Cavalry!

z3000 -- retro_futurism

Картинку я видел и раньше, но статью в Mechanix Illustrated (апрель'56) читал впервые. Не знаю, как вас, а меня завораживает:

SCATTERED along the western slope of the Asiatic coastal range, the copter troopers and their mounts cluster in little groups as the rising sun climbs behind them. The jump-off moment is fast approaching. Within minutes, the sun will burst blindingly above them to cover their westward assault.

The first elements of the blitz landing—submarine-borne marines —had hit the enemy coast only three days ago, seized the controlling crests and passes of the coastal hills in bloody fighting, well covered by massive flights of water-borne jet fighters.

On the second day, the supporting units of army troops arrived. They came in widely dispersed waves of huge, A-powered flying-boats that landed beyond the breakers and nosed ashore to land men, machines and supplies. This was an almost undetectable operation, stretching along a hundred miles or more of shoreline like a thin but strong garrotting cord. Nowhere was there a great enough concentration to draw an I enemy A-bomb. Toward the center of the invasion sector, a narrow valley traversed the mountainous country in a westerly direction, forming a winding corridor toward the industrial and agricultural heart of the area. Late yesterday afternoon, newly landed tank columns started up the valley and bogged down immediately under hilltop artillery fire. But a new element has entered the picture since the Italian campaign of World War II. The old horse cavalry has been reactivated recently and is now available, mounted on swift, one-man helicopters. The well-dispersed brigade has been in constant radio-telephone communication and as the zero hour draws near, commands begin to crackle along the mountainsides. “Check your revs. . . Prepare for take-off!” Starting rockets twinkle in tight circles as the blast of hundreds of tiny ramjets settles into a sustained roar.

Like a swarm of wasps, the troops assemble in midair, fall into the prescribed formation and high-ball for their objectives. Skimming over hill-tops, through gaps .and along narrow gorges, the agile copters take advantage of every possible cover. Although the flying is dangerous, ground-hugging keeps them below the zone of radar detection and enables them to burst upon ground positions in full force.
-- и так далее.

Удивительное, захватывающее сочетание продуманности и наивности.

И ведь все это пытались сделать. Хотя бы на эскизах. Все-таки, чем были замечательны предыдущие поколения -- своим оптимизмом.

А вот мы уже не пошлем человека на Луну.

И для таких писателей, как Жюль Верн в литературе ниши уже не осталось.
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Что касается игр... Итак, игры, превью и рецензии на которые вы можете прочитать в этом блоге. Сразу говорю, что отдаю предпочтение низкобюджетным инди-проектам, многие из которых находятся в раннем доступе. В принципе, могу написать и про какой-нибудь ААА-тайтл, но это если очень уж сильно…
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