Hornet (a_lamtyugov) wrote,

Чего-то меня пробрало

Как и уважаемый temhuk (спасибо ему за наводку), в жизни не слышал про эту команду.

Как послушал -- даже стал бодрее себя чувствовать.

Six winds blow as one.
They will turn the tide.
We are marching on,
standing side by side
and we’ll carry on
until all the fire is gone.
Blown away,
away to lands beyond.
Winds blow as one.

They try to oppress us.
Steal the faith out of our lives.
Still they are the flame for dreadful fires.
They try to undermine us
night by night.
Now they are unmasked. They’re full of lies.

They never learned how to stand as one.
And how to abandon fear.
We will be their storm-wall closing in.

If I die in Battle,
find dark blood upon my steel.
If I die in Battle,
tell them I stood, and never kneeled.
If I die in Battle,
my soul will be saved and gone.
I won’t die in Battle.
I’ll fly north with six winds blowing as one.

They did not await us
and the kingdom we will raise.
Yes we are their nightmare deep within.
They underestimate us.
Our faith alive
for our freedom and our new life to begin.

They will never bring us down.
They never rule our life.
We will be a tempest rising high.

What might end we’ll start again.
We will never die.
We will be a thunderstorm of life.
Tags: музыка, ролик

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